• Provide a unified voice when working with the San Diego Unified School District 
  • Identify common goals for all children attending the five schools in University City for a steady progression from kindergarten through 12th grade 
  • Share ideas and resources between cluster schools 
  • Developing systems/programs between cluster schools to ease student and parent transitions 
  • Identify and recommend program opportunities to schools, to the University City foundations and to the School District

Primary Objectives

In 2010 the San Diego Unified School District asked each of the 16 neighborhood 'clusters' to form an official Cluster Advisory Board. The University City Cluster Committee serves these five University City public schools: University City High, Standley Middle, Curie, Doyle and Spreckels Elementary Schools.

Chairperson: Rick Selby
Vice Chair: Gwenivere Maxwell
Communications Officer: Lana Lo
Secretary: Randall Tonini
Parliamentarian: Larry Holckelmann

Cluster Congress Rep: Kurt Meeder 
Cluster District Partnership: TBA
EdUCate!: Bonnie MacRitchie

The voting board consists of parents (from each school), teachers (from each school), 5 UC principals, students, community members.  


Our Mission